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Defined Benefit Plan
Key Employee Retention
Self-Insuring Business Risk
Tax Mitigation
Tax Free Retirement 

Health Insurance Plans & Voluntary Benefits

Borde & Associates PA represent National PPO carriers that specialize in Health Insurance Plans for small to medium size businesses utilizing either Self Insured or Fully Insured (traditional) platforms.

We can help your eligible small to medium groups avoid increased health insurance cost with Self Insured Health Insurance Plans & Voluntary Benefits. 

Self Insured Plans: These plans are designed to remove the risk of Self Insured Insurance and work much like Fully Insured plans (traditional) while keeping the Self Insured advantages; including money back from the claims fund for years that claims are lower than expected.

See how Voluntary Benefits can work along side Health Insurance Plans as a cost effective solution. 

Help your hiring process, retain quality employees and save!

Today's Business Concerns:

  • Does my business have all the available value added tax deductions it needs?

  • Do I have all the retirement income I'm going to need?

  • Can my business afford and sustain retirement planning?

  • Why is Self Insured one of the most cost effective ways for me to control the rising cost of health insurance coverage?

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